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Featured DIRECTV Commercial Services

Save up to $1000 with the Business Referral Program

For every business you refer to DIRECTV, you'll receive $100 off your DIRECTV bill. The buisness you referred will save $100 also. You can refer up to 10 businesses - and up to $1000!

How it works

  • Tell the businesses you know to call 1-877-489-3474 to order DIRECTV. Give them your DIRECTV account number - they'll need this when they place their order.
  • Once the businesses you referred activate DIRECTV service, you'll start receiving $10 monthly bill credits for 10 consecutive months for every business you referred.
  • Refer more businesses to DIRECTV - up to ten - and collect up to $1,000!

Direct TV Referral Bonuses
Direct TV for Auto Dealerships, Banks, Barber Shops, Dental Offcies, Gyms, Nail Salons, Retails Sotres, Salons and Spas DIRECTV DIRECTV for Auto Dealerships, Banks, Barber Shops, Dental Offices, Gyms, Nail Salons, Retail Stores, Salons & Spas

By keeping customers’ attention, DIRECTV we’ll make time fly. Whether it’s a gym, lobby or doctor’s office, DIRECTV for Business helps change the perception of passing time. Studies prove that when people have something to watch, the wait feels shorter. In fact, businesses that added TV monitors lowered their customers’ perceived wait time by at least 15%.

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Direct TV for Private Offices DIRECTV for Offices, Conference Rooms & Employee Break Rooms

DIRECTV delivers the programming your business needs, with around-the-clock access to breaking news about your industry and over 80 interruption and commercial-free Sonic Tap Music Channels.

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Direct TV for Bars and Restaurants DIRECTV for Bars & Restaurants

Turn your establishment into the ultimate destination for sports with DIRECTV packages designed specifically for your business. DIRECTV gets people to come for the game, and stay for the food and the atmosphere.

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Satellite Sports Connection has been a leading Authorized Commercial & Residential Retailer for DIRECTV since 1998. Our focus is on providing customers with superior service and competitive pricing.

Satellite Sports Connection has been recognized commercially by DIRECTV, as an “Elite Dealer” since 2003. SSC provides a wealth of DIRECTV services to business environments in the Midwest and Northeast. We provide DIRECTV Business services to retail locations, private offices and to the hospitality industry.


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No matter what your business –entertainment, financial services, or sports marketing we have the programming that’s right for you. Satellite Sports Connection continues to be an industry leader in the rapidly growing and exciting world of Satellite TV. Put us to work for you today!

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